Do you need support in this area? Are you going to admit your organization to the Stock market? Are you going to ask for financing? Do you need provisional accounts audited? Talk to us.

This type of audit consists on auditing forecast or theoretical financial statements which may be based or not on historical financial statements, adjusted in through estimation.

Estimations or considerations are the scene managers consider probable, for several areas:

  • Sales (amounts, prices, quotas of market, edges);
  • Investments (financial availability and approvals);
  • Costs with wages (approved number of people and increases approved);
  • Stated periods of collection (what occurs in the sector and the politics of the company);
  • Stated periods of payment (what is agreed and occurs in the sector);
  • Levels of storage (what it considered to be reasonable for the type of product and sector);
  • Financial incumbencies (based on debt, spreads and plans of reimbursement).

Our work as specialists in forecast audit consists not in guaranteeing the future viability of the organization, but in guaranteeing that the forecasts are carefully made o and are realistic having in mind the obtained estimations.

Our report will leave everyone calmer about the quality of the projected information.

We will analyze the quality of estimations and, if they are reasonable considering the sector and organization characteristics.

Our procedures are executed in the inverse direction of the preparation of the previsional financial statements for we will “disassemble” its core.