Our professionals have a multidisciplinary training that allow us to answer several interventions that the legislation lies in which most demanding organization require.

Knowledge sharing , Ethics , Professionalism and Respect are our guiding principles , following the international standards of the organization to which we belong.

The professionals at PINTO & PALMA, by their experience and taking into account the competencies of the Accounts Official Revisers, are legally charged to perform:

The services provided by our PARTNERS are the following:

  • Tax Consulting about VAT and Income Tax
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Application to Community Funds
  • Quality Certification
  • Accounting
  • Development of Information Systems, and E-Business
  • Strategic Studies
  • Formative Teaching
  • Management Cockpit
  • Salaries processing
  • Debts Recovery
  • Trademark Registering, Patents and Warrants Granting