The Internal AUDIT is an independent form of evaluation, created in a company to examine and evaluates its activity, as well as their services. It is a function of the management board and analyses, with a preventive nature, and suggests corrections to controls and procedures already existent, in order to minimize all risks that may directly affect the organization. It is usually an independent function and reports directly to the administration.

This type of audit aims at to safeguard assets, to assure trustworthy registers, and seeks greater economy and effectiveness of the systems.
This type of audit is centred, according established plans, in analyzing the various departments of an organization.

Instead of creating this department in the company, which compels to expend more space, more PC resources, more licenses, and greater fixed costs, some medium and large organizations subcontract this function to specialized companies such as ours, who execute this type of specialized audit to several departments, in a rotating base and according to up to date techniques.

Counting with staff specialized in this type of service, we are available to assist you in thoroughly analyzing your areas of:

  • Sales Management
  • Credit, Litigation and Resurgence
  • Investments and Tangible Assets
  • Treasury and Fund Handling
  • Goods and Stocks
  • Human resources and Management of Costs with Staff
  • Production and Storages
  • Financings and Financial Incumbencies
  • Guarantees and Authorizations
  • Management of Quality and Residues
  • Procedures of Control and Reporting
  • Strategical Planning and Budgeting
  • IT
  • Outsourcing (fleet management, legal services, communications, etc.)

Our specialists will be aware of questions related to risks of fraud and improper use of resources of the entity, in the most diverse circuits and existing procedures. Do not hesitate to consult with us on this matter.